Every summer we spend £millions on it ... but is it good for us?

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Sunblock Health Issues

As a nation we are using more and more sunblocks and sunscreens - but is it good for us and more importantly our children?

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Hhhmmmmmm sunblock - very much an area for debate. We are using more sunblock than ever before ... but is it any good for us? The answer, to be truthful, is probably yes and no. The chemicals used in sunblocks either absorb or reflect the UVA and UVB rays, so preventing them from damaging the skin.

But what about the chemicals themselves? Do we absorb them? And if so, does it do any harm?

SunblockIn some cases, the jury is out. Take Titanium Dioxide for example. A mineral based compound found in some 'green' sunblocks, and often referred to as 'natural'. It does reflect UV light (rather than absorb) but is also absorbed into the skin. As it is used to break down organic matter, there is concern that it mat effect human DNA. But to be fair, there are some scares associated with octylmethoxicynnamate, which is also used in sunscreens. Both are 'safe for cosmetic use', according to the relevant government advice sources.

What about the SPF value - what does that mean? SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and the value (anything from 2 to 60) refers to the amount of time longer you can be in the sun before you burn. So the concentration of chemicals is higher as the SPF value increases.

Are there any plant sources that can provide the equivalent SPF factor, thus avoiding the use of chemicals? Well, again, yes and no. Certain plant extracts, such as hemp oil, coconut oil, shea butter, buriti oil, edelweiss, carrot seed oil and aloe vera have been found to have some sun protection value, but not as extensive as the chemicals. However, the plant based materials do not interfere with the absorption of vitamin D like the chemicals do, and also provide much in the way of cell repair.

Yaoh provides a range of products to suit all tastes. We aim to help people make an informed decision about their choice of sun protection. From the suncream (plant based material only - suitable for people with darker or already tanned skin) to the SPF 30 ( for people very sensitive to the sun who burn easily) with SPF 15 in between, all Yaoh sun product are simple, straight forward, clearly labelled, fresh, smell great, and above all are effective.

We advise people to wash off the chemical sunblocks with soap and water at the end of each day, to help return the skin to its normal function overnight.

The Suncream, SPF 15, SPF 30 and the After Sun are all part of the range. the Moisturisers are also useful for the face and hands after exposure too the sun. A diet rich in EFA's (Hemp oil, seeds and bars) helps the skin in its natural protection against the sun.