Why Vegan ?

What are the benefits of the vegan lifestyle?

Why Vegan
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Why Vegan?

Yaoh is a vegan company, and most of its marketing and charity work is involved with the vegan lifestyle. So why vegan? What are the benefits of the vegan lifestyle?

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Why Vegan?: Health

A diet free from animal products and rich in organic fruit vegetable and grain is now widely accepted as being beneficial to health.

Cancer rates are generally lower amongst the veggie/vegan population, and even the athletes are getting on the benefits of vegetables - last season Chelsea were eating vegetarian on match days, and the nutritional adviser to Manchester City FC is internationally renowned vegan Gareth Zeal.

Why Vegan?: Animals

Why VeganA vegan diet sees the end to the mass slaughter and abuse of millions of animals. It is well documented the appalling conditions in which are animals are kept, and more and more people are turning veggie/vegan on compassionate grounds.

Why Vegan?: Environment

A vegan lifestyle takes the pressure off the planet, simple as that. It takes 100 times more land, water and other resources to feed a population on animals rather than vegetables. And in many parts of the world that is too much. We have to learn to tread lightly on the planet, and a vegan diet does just that.

VivaFor further info about the vegan lifestyle, contact the Vegan Society www.vegansociety.com or Viva! www.viva.org.uk. for local events and news see www.veganbristol.co.uk.

"In 1984 I was watching Bob Geldof on telly. It was the time of Live Aid. Someone was asking him why he was doing this. He replied something along the lines of: "When I die, and I stand before God, and he asks me if I'm guilty or not of ignoring the plight of hundreds and thousands of starving people, I want to be able to reply 'Not Guilty'."

And it was then that I realised that we feed our animals TEN TIMES the amount of grain that was needed to feed the worlds hungry. And all to support an animal based diet. A diet that sees our children in the West suffering from obesity whilst children elsewhere starve A diet that takes 100 times more land to feed the people than a vegetable diet.

And that's when I went vegan... I want to be 'Not Guilty' too. Or at least try to be. By going vegan, you make a huge difference. To the sustainability of the planet, to the sustainability of your own health, and towards the end of the abuse of our animals. By going vegan, you make the biggest single lifetime contribution you can to finding a solution to these problems.
Tim Barford - Manager Yaoh 2004

All of them - they are all vegan and always will be.


Why Vegan