Benefits of Hemp Seed

The nutritional benefits of hemp seed and its oil are wide and varied

Benefits of Hemp Seed and its Oil
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Benefits of Hemp Seed and it's Oil

This issue we are explore the nutritional benefits of hemp seed and it's oil.

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Benefits of Hemp Seed and it's Oil

Hemp seed has been consumed by mankind (and animals) for centuries. Indeed, whole populations have survived off hemp seed in times of famine. In China, at the cinema, you can still buy roasted hemp seeds in the same way as you can buy popcorn in the West.

Hemp has 3 unique nutritional factors. It has an ideal balance of Omega 3 and 6 for sustainable human health, it has a full amino acid spectrum meaning it provides complete protein, and it has a massive trace mineral content - truly one of nature's superfoods.

Consumption of hemp oil and hemp seed is ideal for people with low essential fatty acid intake, and also perfect for athletes. It is of course particularly valuable to the veggie/vegan population, and even more so for veggie/vegan athletes, who are always looking for complete protein sources.

One of the easiest ways of consuming hemp is in smoothies. Just mix a handful of organic hemp seed (whole or de-hulled) with fruit and juice of your choice in a blender. Perfect for children too. Or perhaps make up a little hemp seed milk (see recipe on Hemp page).

Other benefits of hemp seed oil include its effect on the skin and the hair, nourishing both on a cellular level. Hemp oil is easily absorbed by the skin and those EFA's go straight to work!

And of course hemp needs no pesticides or fertilisers, is low maintenance and grows just about anywhere, making it the ideal crop for organic sustainable farming in just about anywhere in the world.

Yaoh is primarily a hemp company. All of its products contain hemp.We respect the hemp plant above any other on the planet, and see it as a true gift to the people. We will continue to support the development of hemp projects around the world, and all our products will always contain hemp.
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Hemp Seed

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Benefits of Hemp Seed