Bristol Vegan Fayre 2006 Special Bulletin

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The Bristol Vegan Fayre
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Bristol Vegan Fayre 2006 Special Bulletin

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Bristol Vegan Fayre - 10th June 2006 at the L-Shed Bristol 10am-6pm

An estimated crowd of some 7,000 people (based on photographic counts) descended on the L-Shed in central Bristol on Saturday June 10th for the 4th annual Bristol Vegan Fayre. With 127 stalls, and over 60 speakers and entertainers, this was by far the biggest vegan event the world has ever known, and the vibe was red hot.

Sikh Martial Artist Performance

Highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Sikh martial artist performance, which electrified the crowd as swords, sticks and daggers went flying. All Sikh, all vegan and all fighting in traditional costume, Harjinder and his team of youngsters thrilled the assembled masses with their routines, which included cutting up bananas and water melons with swords blindfold!

Sikh Fighters
Sikh Fighters Sikh Fighters Sikh Fighters

Carnival Girls, Samba Band and World Cup Football

A staggering display from the team was matched only by the exuberance of the Brazilian Carnival Girls and REBERADO, our 10 man samba band, which performed twice outside the L-shed on what was the hottest day of the year so far (touching 30 degrees!)

The England Paraguay world cup footie didn’t quite go off as planned as the reception proved to be a little shaky, but a car radio was hastily wired up to the PA and we all enjoyed England’s opening win on what should prove to be success for the first time in 40 years. Meanwhile the crowd were treated to an eclectic set of early House classics from ClubYeyo DJ’s Timbo and ChrissCross as we lapped up the sunshine.

Samba Band
Carnival Girls
Plus More....

Other highlights included the Best Sombrero competition (all entries were winners!), Rubber Ritchie the contortionist, Silly Sally the clown, some superb food from our World Cup Food Fest caterers , and some excellent talks and demos from our guest speakers and stallholders. Big shout out to Kate, Tony, Chris and Mike for hosting the Health and Fitness, Cookery Demos, Animal Welfare zone and Talks room respectively. And thanks to Pat Reeves and VeganBodybuilders for the shoulder press competition.
Sombrero Competition Food Fest
Pat Reeves with shoulderpress competition winner

The Stallholders

And our amazing collection of stallholders made up the rest of the day, with an awesome selection of animal free products and services available to coax even the most hardened meateaters into a more compassionate, sustainable and healthy way of life.

Thanks to all our stallholders, speakers, entertainers, stewards,
security and crew for their massive achievements in making this way and above the best vegan event yet ever held. Undoubtedly between us we have shown that us vegans are not all a bunch of moaning self righteous people - hating botherers – only a few of us are!

Outdoor Stalls
Indoor event

And Finally....

The event was organised by Yaoh and sponsored by the Vegan Society, Beanies, Wild Oats and Earthbound. Big thanks to the L-Shed crew, also Bristol City Council, the Police and all the authorities for their assistance in staging this event. And an even bigger thanks to all our crew and volunteers, and especially Paul and Jules for all their hard work in helping organise the event.

Next years Bristol Vegan Fayre 2007 is already booked for June 9th and 10th at the Amphitheatre and Waterfront Square, directly across the water from the L-Shed (which is shutting for 3 years).

Photography by Nick Aspinall

Thanks To Our Sponsors

Frys Wild Oats The Vegan Society

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The Bristol Vegan Fayre sponsored by Yaoh